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Meet the Host

Austin Harris

Each and every day, millions of Americans hear Austin’s voice. Born in Logansport, Indiana, Austin’s educational background in theater and performance arts led to a career in broadcasting by age 17, which began in Watertown, South Dakota. As a nationally acclaimed radio personality and voice over talent, he has become a virtual celebrity across the United States, performing for major national advertisers such as Lens Crafters, Pennzoil, and Pep Boys.

Austin is far more than a program host. The Beacon’s message is Austin’s passion, and that is why he is a powerful communicator for the program. Austin is deeply involved in his church where he has served in various ministries and teaching for over 25 years. He is also President and Founder of Austin Harris Productions, and co-creator of The Beacon.



"The Beacon is a new kind of radio. Radio that brightens beyond it's great music. It's radio that sheds light on the concerns, hopes and dreams of it's listeners. The Beacon is radio that not only makes you feel better - the Beacon encourages you to live better." – Austin Harris

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